Warehousing & Storage

Boasting spacious warehouse holdings in Africa, Dubai and the UK, we can provide storage for a wide range products including food, electronics, cosmetics and toiletries and home appliances.

At our Dubai facility, we have ambient and temperature controlled storage to below 24degrees, which is neatly adjoined to regular warehouse space in what becomes a single seamless solution.  All recognised to ISO:22000:2005 HACCP standards for Food Safety.

In the UK, our warehouse locations ensure safe and secure storage for the entire country. Our Northern hub in Manchester has 1,500m² of storage space and our Southern based warehouses near London Heathrow and Southampton docks offer approximately 8,500m² and 9,000m² respectively of covered, secure space. Addtional services at both sites include air imports and exports, ocean exports, road-haulage, packing and consulting, customs brokerage and compliance.



Our Middle East warehouse is located centrally within the Jebel Ali Free Zone in Dubai. It helps to play a critical role in our service offering and is fully-equipped with hi-tech handling mechanisms and systems. Operated by highly experienced and dedicated warehouse staff, the total space at this site consists of almost 10,000m² and has the option for special environment-controlled zones including dry/ambient storage, cool packing area, cold storage, perfumes, aerosols and hazardous goods.


Through our partnership with Siginon, we can offer 8500m² of modern, spacious and secure warehousing options across three sites within Africa. Goods can be stored in a variety of spaces including ambient controlled rooms in addition to general, transit and bonded warehouses. A variety of machinery including forklifts, hand jacks, weighing machines, fitted scissor jacks and railway sidings are present for storage of inward and outbound cargoes that will eventually be transported by rail.

  • 10,000m² of storage space and over 11,000 pallet positions in Dubai
  • Dedicated warehouses in the UK, Middle East and East Africa
  • Safe and secure warehousing for a wide range of products from food to electronics
  • Ambient and temperature controlled areas below 24 degrees
  • 18,000m² of warehouse space across three continents
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