Bulk to retail packing makes big savings for chocolates manufacturer

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When a Latin American food manufacturer needed bulk to retail services for their confectionary products into the Middle East, CKA provided the answer


As an exporter of chocolates, the client were looking to expand their business to the Middle East. However, this was not only unprofitable in local factories, but they lacked the capacity and skills required, so they approached CKA for as a one-stop-solution. Based on consumer behaviour in the target GCC regions, they created smaller affordable chocolate containers suitable to the preferences of the consumers in the target GCC regions. The chocolates were received in bulk to the UAE and then weighted and counted into the new size packs and relabelled for ME markets.


Sales increased by 40% in 2 years. Through CKA’s service, the business successfully completed its aim to expand and reach the Middle East, allowing the manufacturer to concentrate on the quality of their products as well as promotion and advertising which had a positive effect on sales growth.


CKA’s flexible cost effective solution, involved a reduction in time scales and costs down the supply chain. The following procedure took place:

1. Receive goods in Bulk Goods were received from Brazil in sacks weighting 10-20kg and containing around 10,000 units.

2. Weigh and count Butter Toffees were counted and weighed according to the new size of each packet.

3. Repack and Label The Butter Toffees were then repacked and labelled with the corresponding language of the country.

4. Ship to destinations These products were then shipped to all the destination markets.

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